Submission Categories

This year, the Golden Wire is awarded in seven categories:

Interactive applications for mobile, Internet, terminals, games and audiovisual installations. At the heart of the category are interactive games, websites and mobile applications that stand out through their extraordinary information architecture or design.

Docu & TV-Production
Documentary video productions and productions for television with a focus on the implementation of TV formats.

Sound & Music
Audio production, audio drama, free sound collage, independently composed and produced music pieces, sound design and film score to existing images. The category attaches great importance to a high-quality production of the soundtrack which combines language, sounds and music in a creative and exciting manner.

Short Film
Short films (also animated) and music clips as well as dance and experimental films. The focus is on cinematic narrative, the interaction of sound and image, experiments with the medium.

Graphic Design
Graphic works designed for the print or online sector. These include designs from the subcategories of corporate design, communication design, information design, digital design, packaging design, poster design, edition design or illustration.

Animated films, motion design in the form of trailers, commercials, opening credits and TV design. The focus is on the technology setting images and objects in motion

Alumni Projects
This category allows graduates of the St. Pölten UAS to participate in the Golden Wire. Submissions are accepted for each category, subject to the above-mentioned requirements.

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